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Jr/Sr High Library and Media Center

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Textbook Guidelines

  • Upon receiving their books students should examine their books and report any damages to the library.  
  • Students are responsible for the individual textbooks they check out and should not leave them lying around or loan them to their friends. 
  • When books are checked back in, students must return the actual book that they checked out.
  • All textbooks checked out at the beginning of the school year are due back to the textbook depository at the end of the school year.  In the event that a student drops a class or leaves school during the year, books should be returned immediately. 

Textbook Fines

Lost Textbook Fee

100% Replacement
Cover damage (depending on severity) $5.00 - $15.00
Water damage $5.00 - Replacement Value
Writing inside or outside book $5.00 - Replacement Value
Inside spine repair $3.00
Torn pages $5.00
Missing Barcode $3.00
Mold Replacement Value

Colorful "stretchy" book covers are available for sale in the library-media center, as well as pens, pencils and spiral notebooks!

Rainier Columbians - Excellence, Spirit, and Pride! 

  Students are Responsible for their books! 

 We strongly suggest that students cover each textbook to minimize any damage to books.

Free book covers are available in the Library Media Center.

Textbooks can cost $60.00 - $100 or more for each one!  Treat them carefully!