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  About The School  


North Columbia Academy (NCA) was established in 2004.   The vision of the school is to provide an effective, and exceptional educational opportunity to students who are “at risk” of not getting a high school diploma due to situational, behavioral, or emotional circumstances and to help them transition into post-secondary education, specialized training, or the world-of-work.  NCA is a small, nurturing school that provides high-quality instruction in accepting, culturally-sensitive, caring classroom environments.  We are dedicated to creating a balance between respecting student home cultures while focusing on individualized learning and achievement in the mainstream academic culture.

 The staff and faculty at NCA work relentlessly at filling in educational gaps, teaching essential core elements, and creating a safe and healthy learning environment where building self-confidence and respect for others is a big part of the key to achieving their educational goals.  We also strive to instill in each student the importance of life-long learning and transitioning into the workforce, post-secondary education, or a trade school.   NCA radiates a warm, welcoming climate of acceptance regardless of a student’s historical background.  We invite all of our students’ families to participate in the education of their children.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to communicate with the staff and faculty and to participate in school field trips, projects, functions and meetings.  We have a keen understanding of how important vested family members are to the educational successes of our students.